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Laurel credits much of her artistic inspiration to her family's constant creative endeavors and plenty of free-range roaming about the woods and countrysides of northeast Ohio during her childhood. Both of her parents were gifted painters and worked professionally in other art forms as well. Her brothers and sister also continue to create in wood carving, painting, collage and music. 


For more than 30 years Laurel has spent her working life as a professional botanist in the Pacific Northwest with much of that time spent working with invasive plants. They are often the subjects of her paintings. And she still roams about the woods and countrysides but now includes mountains, ocean, desert and beaches in her free-range.


Her most recent paintings involve using acrylics, though she has worked in pastels and watercolor as well. She especially enjoys acrylics for the layering effects of quick-drying transparent color. She also likes to experiment with negative space painting techniques which keeps the creative process lively. Her subjects are what she sees outside, while at work or play. 


Laurel has shown her work in numerous group and solo exhibits in Northwest Washington. Her art studio is located at her home in Bellingham where she has lived since 1985.

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